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Stronghold Crusader is one of the most famous games of 2001 which was developed by Firefly Studios. The original set up of the game is in the middle east. The set up of the game is no longer in England. In the game, players will be able to find the troops of Arabia and the new buildings will be there for the sake of their posts. There is no requirement of weapons in the game for the Arabian troops as their collection of weapons is very expensive also. Getting new characters while playing the game will arouse more fun and enthusiasm inside the players who are playing the game. 

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Name Stronghold Crusader
Initial Release Date
25 September 2002
Free Space Required 850 MB
Patch v1.4 [Latest]

Firefly Studios

Category Games > Real-Time-Strategy
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Last Updated: 9th April, 2020

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Stronghold Crusader is a real-time strategy game or simulation game that was introduced to the players in 2001. When the first version, Stronghold War chest was introduced, not all the players of the world were able to play this game as it was only limited to few countries, but the next version of the game was released in 2008 which amused the players from all around the world. Players will be able to fight several battles in the games while they are on a campaign to solve the dispute between the crusade or crusader state. 

The crusader trail in the game allows the players to go through 50 missions linked against various opponents and foes. While doing the battle, you will be able to encounter a large number of problems that you have to tackle on your own. You can directly turn peasants into a soldier or you can make weapons so that you can transform peasants into soldiers. You are directly responsible to defend your territory from the king of the opponent side.

As we all know that this is a real-time strategy game, so you are supposed to apply your tactics to defend your territory from opponents. The difficulty level of the game will increase as you will start achieving victory starting from the initial level and furthermore. Players of this game will be pleased to know that the developers of this game have added 30 new chapters so that players can enjoy more during the play.


There are several features of these games which would delight the player who is going to play this game. Some of them are as follows:

  • Graphics: 

Graphics of the game is quite praiseworthy as it will allow the players of this game to observe the things clearly and at a close level so that they can be quick as well as accurate in their actions. The graphics quality of the game is one of its positive points.

  • Mission:

The mission of the game is to assemble your army and tackle the opponents in the game. The next bombastic thing about this game is that you can increase the number of troops from thousands to ten thousand. With a large number of troops, you will be able to play the game and topple down your opponent very easily.

  • Weapon:

Players in the game can manage their weapons in the game on their own. They need to assemble their troop and the peasant is the best option for that purpose. They will prepare themselves with their weapon to tackle the opponents. 

These are certain features of these games which every user is supposed to know. The proper information about the game will help them to know why they need to play this game. 


The gameplay of this game is very similar as in this game, players are supposed to make farms which will lead to the rivalry between the other players. While playing the game, you will be able to solve the dispute between the crusader states the conflict can also happen between the first, second and third crusade. There are other things also in the game which players can use to incite the other players like iron ore, quarry, marches, etc. Along with these things, you may be assigned to unite our army which you can use against the opponents while playing the game. You can assemble your army in the game by turning peasants directly into soldiers. You can come to play the game across historical pages of the crusade so that your fun level will be doubled. 

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