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Need for Speed: The Run is a racing video game and is very popular among gamers. It is the eighteenth title in the Need for Speed series. The company named Electronic Arts released it on November 15, 2011. It was released with multiple versions. The first one was the EA Black Box version, which was developed for PlayStation 3, Windows, and Xbox 360, whereas Firebrand Games developed versions for the 3DS, and Wii. Not just this, but EA Mobile was planning to develop an iOS version too, but it was canceled later.  Point-to-point races that involve overtaking opponents, defeating rivals, time attacks, and police criminal relationship, is what this game focuses upon.

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Name Need For Speed: The Run
Initial Release Date
15 November 2011
Free Space Required 18 GB

v1.3 [Latest]


EA Black Box, Firebrand Games

Category Games > Racing
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Last Updated: 09 Aug 2020

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Minimum Requirements

  • CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Equivalent
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • OS: Windows Vista SP2 32-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: 512 MB RAM ATI Radeon 4870 or higher performance / 512 MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT or higher performance

Recommended Requirements

Need For Speed: The Run Trailer


As we know that this game is the 16th title for the Need for Speed series, it has inherited some of the features of its previous entries. However, there are a few changes and modifications too. The game is being focused on much of the realistic side, unlike its previous entries. You will see the locations inspired by cities like California. The players are required to become real-life racers. 

The driving model of this seems to be somewhere between Hot Pursuit and Shift. The driving model is not as arcade-style as Hot Pursuit but neither is it simulator styled as in Shift. During the race, the player needs to face a wide range of vehicles from the real world. The player needs to face various kinds of the car such as streetcars, muscle cars, refined exotics, etc. Every category of the car presents a completely new kind of challenge to the player. The damage system in the game is pretty similar to that in Hot Pursuit. 


Need for Speed: The Run is the eighteenth addition to the series of Need for Speed video games. In the game, a player needs to take part in street races across the multiple locations of the US which exist in the real world. In the game, a player needs to cover near about 300 km of road. The game has got a road track which is almost three times the road in Hot Pursuit. This makes Need for Speed: The Run, the biggest game in the Need for Speed series. In the majority of the events, the player needs to overtake the opponent to win the race in which he or she is racing. In addition to this, there are also other events such as the survival events as well as the time attack events. 

In these types of events, the vehicle that the player is driving will be attacked in various ways while on the track and the player needs to save his or her vehicle. The division of cars is done in tiers which are based on the performances. There are gas stations in between the race track where the player can enter and can change his or her vehicle or can make visual changes in the vehicle. There is one feature of Need for Speed: The Run, which isn’t available in the previous editions. In Need for Speed: The Run, the player can exit the car while racing and can travel on foot. The gameplay of these particular sections has been restricted to quick-time events.


  • Day-Night cycle: In Need for Speed: The Run there are circles of day and night, which keep changing. In addition to this, there are also weather changes happening on a few occasions. These weather changes have been scripted to just a few occurrences as well as events
  • Locations: In Need for Speed: The Run, there are multiple terrains for a player to race upon. All these terrains affect the gameplay as well as the performance of the players very differently. Some terrains which are included in this edition are fog, snow, dirt, avalanches, etc.
  • Foot Sequence: One of the features in this edition of the game which was not present in the previous editions is the foot sequence of the players. The players can exit from their vehicles and can move on their feet. The player will control the foot movement of the character
  • Race types: Just like in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, most of the events in this edition too are sprint races. In addition to this, there are also events of checkpoint races. There are also Battle races, which seem similar to the sprint races as well as the rival races.
  • Multilayer: This is a multiplayer game. As many as eight players can participate in the game at once. The matches which are multilayer have been divided into various game type playlists.

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