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An adventure digital game, grand theft auto 4 was developed in 2008 by rockstar north. The game was published by Rockstar games. Grand auto theft 4 is the eleventh series of the game. The game’s location is set within the liberty city, which is fictionally based on New York. The game is a single-player game who is a war veteran, named Niko Bellic. It’s about how he escapes his past while being under pressure from mob masses and loan sharks. The liberty city in this game consists of three prime Islands, within which the game is set. 

Download Grand Theft Auto IV PC Game Free

Name Grand Theft Auto IV
Initial Release Date
29 April 2008
Free Space Required 16 GB



Rockstar North, Rockstar Toronto, Rockstar New England

Category Games > Action-Adventure
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Grand Theft Auto 4 In-Game Screenshots

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How To Download Grand Theft Auto 4 on PC

  • Step 1: First, Click on “Download Grand Theft Auto 4 PC” button.
  • Step 2: Wait for a few Seconds and Download the Installer.
  • Step 3: Save the Game in your Computer Directory.
  • Step 4: Extract Files and Start Installing the Game.
  • Step 5: Click the “Accept Terms & Conditions” button and download will start.
  • Step 6: Now Please wait for it to download. (You must have Active Internet Connection)
  • Step 7: Finish Installation and Enjoy Playing Grand Theft Auto 4 Game.

Minimum Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4GHz
  • CPU SPEED: 1.8 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB for Windows XP / 1.5 GB for Windows Vista)
  • OS: Windows Vista – Service Pack 1 / XP – Service Pack 3 / Windows 7
  • VIDEO CARD: 256MB NVIDIA 7900+ / 256MB ATI X1900+
  • 3D: Yes

Recommended Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz, AMD Phenom X3 2.1GHz
  • CPU SPEED: 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB (Windows XP) 2.5 GB (Windows Vista)
  • OS: Windows Vista – Service Pack 1 / XP – Service Pack 3 / Windows 7
  • VIDEO CARD: 512MB NVIDIA 8600+ / 512MB ATI 3870+
  • 3D: Yes

Grand Theft Auto 4 Trailer


Grand theft auto 4 is played from the viewpoint of a 3rd person, navigating the location in foot or vehicles. The game can be played either in a single-player mode or multiplayer mode. All through the single-player mode, players play as Niko Bellic. The multiplayer mode allows players up to 32 players to take part in competitiv6and cooperative gameplay in a recreation of the single-player mode. Later on, two expansions have been added to this original game, the ballad of gay tony and the lost and damned, featuring new settings, but interconnected with the prime plot of the grand theft auto version 4. 

The game is played from a third-person narrative, where players are required to finish mission linear scenarios that require them to achieve set goals to complete different levels and move through the story. You can have multiple active missions while playing. Outside your main mission, you can complete other side missions too. At the initial stage, only two islands can be explored of the liberty city namely, dukes and brokers. 

Other Islands unlock automatically as you keep achieving the objectives. It’s up to the players who decide which mode to play in, including street races and deathmatches. These game modes are in turn divided into unranked and ranked matches. If you are to progress through the ranks, you need to achieve goals and earn money. 

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For fighting against enemies, players use explosives, firearms, melee attacks and may run, jump or swim to navigate around the game’s location. While riding on vehicles, you can switch to the first-person perspective. While fighting, a cover system and an auto-aim should be used as a support against enemies. If players face damage, their health can be regenerated by various means like paramedics, medical kits, etc. The game’s cover system permits players to move between aim freely, cover, aim at a specific foe or fire blindly. Body parts separately can also be targeted. While playing if your health gets depleted completely, the gameplay pauses and the players are Respawned at the close.

While playing the game on the single-player mode, you can play an as Eastern European war veteran, named Niko Bellic. As the game progresses, Niko Bellic comes across several people within the location whom he befriends. These friends do favours whenever required for Niko. Cabs ate available almost everywhere to take the players to their required destination. While roaming around the location, players engage themselves in various context-specific activities like darts or bowling.  


  • Additional feature: Players can play in the free mode, where they can explore any region of the city, with no definite mission to be accomplished. Every inch of the location, tells a story. There is very little space that’s wasted. 
  • Pick your plans, methods, and crews: Players are allowed to decide for themselves how they are going to fulfill missions, making their plans. Players can take decisions upon their will in certain places. Though they have certain restrictions, the trailer shows players taking smart and loud moves. 
  • Customize your cars: This game provides you with a variety of personalisation options. You can customise your car wheels, paints and whatnot according to your choice. 
  • Better driving experience: this game is much more improved and exciting than its previous sequels. Players enjoy driving in this game more. The game has got positive ratings for giving the spectacular driving experience of its players. 
  • Better ways of choosing weapons: the game has inculcated new shooting mechanics that are fun and smooth. This has wiped out clunky and frustrating shooting experiences of the previous sequels. This game allows players to switch between different weapons by clicking on an added option and shooting too appears improved.
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  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Missions


Upon release, the game received universal critical acclaim, with praise, particularly directed at the narrative and open-world design. When the game was released in 2008, it became hugely popular. The game’s narrative and open world design got praise in particular. It also received international acclaims. The game broke all previous records to emerge as the fastest entertainment selling product earning $500 million in the initial week. The game is claimed by some critics to be one of the greatest of all times, winning year-end accolades and several awards. By 2013, over 30 million copies of this game were sold. Grand theft auto 4 is one of the PlayStation’s best selling 3 games. However, the game also received some criticisms too owing to the depiction of violence. 2013 saw the release of this game’s successor, grand theft auto 5.

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