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Mission San Javier, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Mission San Javier, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Mission San Javier, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Mission San Javier, Baja California Sur, Mexico


To get to the town of San Javier, where the church is located take the junction to the dirt road of 37 km which is 7 km south of Loreto, in Kilometer 118 on the Transpeninsular Highway or by plane to the International Airport of Loreto.


The site was originally inhabited by the Cochimíes, who named the place Viggé Biaundó. Jesuit Father Francisco María Píccolo visited the place on May 11, 1699. He started the construction of a chapel in October of the same year and Father Juan María de Salvatierra dedicated it to All Saints the 1st of November. Father Juan de Ugarte, one of the most esteemed missionaries of the conquest, took charge of the mission in 1701. He introduced cattle breeding, big and small species, developed agriculture and taught the locals to thread and knit wool, not only for themselves, but also for the missionary project in general. The construction of the Church of San Francisco Javier was begun in 1744 by Father Miguel del Barco and was finished in 1759.


The church, considered one of the most beautiful and well preserved of the Californias, was built with stone taken from quarry from the bed of the brook of Santo Domingo 20 km southeast of San Javier. Its original barroque appearance has been well preserved; its interior has: a golden altarpiece with five oleos, brought from Mexico City in thirty two boxes; two statues: one of San Francisco Javier and another one of Our Lady of Guadalupe; and a crucifix, all of these are from the 18th century. It has three bells, two of them are dated 1761 and the other one 1803. There is a monument of that time at the end of the street that leads to the church. It is known as "the Cross of Calvary". From there hundreds of pilgrims who visit the patron saint walk sometimes on their knees.


A visit to the Church of San Francisco Javier. Festivities of the Patron Saint from the 1st to the 3rd of December. A visit to the olive orchards planted by the Jesuits. On the way to the church, a stopover visit to Las Parras Ranch, which has a more than two-hundred-year-old chapel.


No commercial photography nor video without INAH's prior permission (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia). In any case the use of flash is prohibited inside the church.

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Mission San Javier, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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