Mama Espinosa's Restaurant, Cantina and Motel, El Rosario, Baja California, Mexico

Mama Espinosa's Restaurant
El Rosario, Baja California, Mexico


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Born in 1908, Mama Espinosa has spent a great portion of her life helping less fortunate people around her enjoy a better life.

Come and visit her and her hospitable family at Mama Espinosa's, just south of the PEMEX station at the sharp 90' corner of Highway 1.

Mama Espinosa's Restaurant serves up her famous lobster burritos, fine local seafood and traditional Mexican fare. And if you get in late, be sure to ask about their accommodations. Six clean rooms are available, but advance reservations are advised.  Mama Espinosa's is very popular for weary traveler's driving up and down the peninsula.

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"El Rosario (The Rosary) - As recently as the mid-1960s, El Rosario was portrayed as "the end of the line".  Roads to the south could only be described as primitive.  Mail service and the weekly bus from Ensenada proceeded no further.  The completion of the Tran peninsular Highway in 1973 was to alter El Rosario's place in the sun.  Rather than end, the town is now more properly looked upon as the beginning; for here the new highway starts its lengthy journey through the interior mountains and deserts of the peninsula.


El Rosario was also the point of beginning for Baja's Dominican friars, for it was here that they established their first mission in 1774, only two years after they took over administration of the peninsula's missionary activities from the Franciscans.  It was to be the jumping-off point for the founding of eight additional missions between there and the international border.

The original mission site was up-river from the center of town.  In 1882, it was moved about one and one-half miles downstream.  A sign in front of the site notes, "1434 Christian Indians registered between 1774 and 1817.  These were supported from products of desert, sea, cattle, sheep, goats, and plantings of cereals imported by the Spaniards".  Many of these Indians were soon to die in the epidemics which accompanied the Spanish wherever they went".



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